September 9–11, 2018

Meritage Resort & Spa   |   NAPA, CA

The CCubed conference is an invitation-only event bringing together active researchers, practitioners and thought leaders from across the country to define and explore ideas for extending the computational state-of-the-art in a particular topic area. This year's topic is still being determined. If you have a suggestion that you would like us to consider, we'd love to hear it.


Since its inception, CCubed has explored areas where advances in computational technology or capability are poised to have significant impact on a particular domain. The conference brings together leading experts with a broad spectrum of viewpoints to engage in formative discussions free from attribution. We operate under Chatham House Rule and there are no proceedings published in order to encourage discussions that focus on forward-looking research. The setting, size and organizational structure are designed to keep the mood informal (similar to a Gordon Conference). Over the past seven years, we’ve covered a wide range of topics ranging from biomedical research to energy resource modeling. Each year, participants are introduced to new thoughts, new colleagues, new perspectives and leave with fresh inspirations.



The CCubed conference has been held at the Meritage Resort and Spa since its inception. Surrounded by vineyards on the edge of Napa, it's an ideal place for fostering the spirit of collaboration, conversation, and innovation on which CCubed is founded. Retreat over these three days into idyllic scenery and comforts while exploring new ideas and perspectives with fellow thought leaders and leading field experts.

Creativity ignites in relaxed moments stolen from routine. As six years of participants have before you, we trust you'll enjoy the environs and the new relations and ideas it helps create. Use the free afternoon on Tuesday for discussions over wine tasting at the resort, on a hike of the vineyards, or over a coffee on the veranda. Conversations continue with all meals served at the resort, including the conference banquet held in the beautiful estate wine cave.