CCubed Conference: Advances through High Performance Computing

more confident decision making through high performance computing

In partnership with IBM and the RAND Corporation, the High Performance Computing Innovation Center (HPCIC) at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL) brings together a world-class selection of active researchers to explore the benefits and challenges of advanced computation in pursuit of highly complex decision processes.

It is well-known that computing can aid human decision making, but until recently such quantitative decision aids could only assist in the simplest of decision challenges. With high performance computing (HPC), it’s becoming possible to insert analytics directly into decision processes and explore complex decision spaces of very large dimensions. This applies not only to predictive tools, but to active facilitation of problem structuring, exploration and framing in participatory settings.

At CCubed, we’ll explore the application, benefit and limitations of HPC-supported decision analysis in areas such as finance/insurance, medicine, national security and environmental management. Additional topics of interest include: large-scale optimization utilizing Big Data, game theoretic approaches, decision tree analyses, Bayesian approaches, predictive models and analyses under conditions of deep uncertainty.

In its fifth year, the CCubed conference is an invitation-only event bringing together thought leaders from industry, government and academia to explore what it takes to expand the computational capabilities of a particular field. Kept small and informal, the vibrant mix of field leaders and the casual setting encourages lively conversation and idea sharing. Past years’ events assembled notable authorities in biomedical research, network science, energy resource modeling and climate modeling.